Author: TPSB Admin

Happy Malaysia Day

Let us celebrate the unity, diversity, and prosperity of our beautiful nation. May this special day bring us closer together as we cherish our shared heritage and look forward to a bright future.

Happy Independence Day 2023

Independence! That marks the beginning of a new journey for a nation that has achieved freedom. May Malaysia continue to prosper and thrive in various aspects. #Malaysia #independenceday2023

Happy Eid al-Adha

Let’s celebrate it with joy to make Hari Raya Haji the most memorable occasion to treasure for the rest of our lives. Happy Eid al-Adha!

Dragon Boat Festival

Wishing you a career like a dragon boat — rapidly progressing, a family as sweet as red dates, and health that sticks to you like glutinous rice and doesn’t fall off! Have a safe and sound Dragon Boat Festival.

Happy Vesak Day

Wishing all devotees a blessed Vesak Day! May you continue to practice the virtues of Buddha: kindness, patience, generosity and compassion.

Happy Labour Day

International Labour Day is a reminder that we must never surrender ourselves to a situation and always work hard with our hearts and souls. One day, we will definitely reach where we aim to. Best wishes on Labour Day!  

Happy Lunar New Year 2023

In this reunion lunar new year festival, we hope you can make the most of your time by enjoying every moment with your family and friends. Turbo Performance Sdn Bhd wishes you all a happy and prosperous New Year of the Rabbit. 在这个团圆的农历新年佳节,我们希望您能充分利用自己的时间,享受与家人和朋友在一起的每一刻。 洋珉全体职员恭祝大家兔年大吉,健康萬事宜。