Sales & Service

We offered repairing service, is the most cost effective way of dealing with failed commercial turbos. The popular reason of turbo failures.

  • Foreign objects passing compressor or turbine
    1) Damaged turbine wheel inlet edges
    2) Damage in the compressor housing inlet
    3) Damage inlet edges
    4) Ground Blades
  • Bad oil (contaminated, wrong specification)
    1) Wear on the wedge-shaped surfaces of the thrust bearing
    2) Scores over the circumference of the radial bearing
    3) Heatshield with carbon deposit
  • Overspeeding and /or overheating (often due to manipulations of the engine or the turbo)
  • Turbo repairs not according to manufacturer’s specifications and / or using copy parts
  • Others repairing service are fuel system, air system, starter, alternator & Speedometer.